City of Olbia

City of Olbia Olbia overlooks a beautiful fjord in the northeastern coast of Sardinia.
It is the “engine” of Gallura. Cultural and economic centre of the northeast of the island and also the capital of the province bearing the same name.
Home of major industries and commercial activity, its port and airport are important stopovers and represent the privileged access for millions of tourists and operators reaching Sardinia.
In recent years the city of Olbia has grown becoming a very important centre for the economy in this area.
Also, in and around the city, as well as several tourist sights, you can admire interesting archaeological monuments from the Neolithic to the Roman period. Close to the city centre you will find the Church of San Simplicio. Dating back to the 11th century, it was built in Romanesque style.
In its famous restaurants you can taste the traditional cuisine typical of Gallura, rich in aromas and flavours: excellent seafood and inland farming products accompanied by the most prestigious wines of Sardinia, many of which are produced between the granite of Gallura, in particular the famous Vermentino di Gallura Docg.

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